The Internet Made Me Do It

I pride myself on generally avoiding internet trends when it comes to my skin. I refuse to put food products on my face, and the thought of one of those peel-off charcoal masks makes my pores weep in agony. So I have no good explanation for what possessed me to try the Hanacure mask, other than the perfect storm of mental weakness and internet pressure. Perhaps some of you saw this Instagram post Drew Barrymore did back in February:

Here’s a confession: back when I first started brainstorming for Tales From Sick and Twisted (almost 15 years ago!), I envisioned a story that could easily be transformed into a classic romantic comedy film. There was no question in my mind that I wanted Drew Barrymore to play my character. So, if I’m being honest, a Drew Barrymore recommendation carries far more weight than it should. 

But I at least tried to do some due diligence before ordering, reading up on the ingredients and watching every YouTube video and reading every online review I could find. Some of the results I saw were really impressive. Some were not. But it was enough for me to say, “What the hell,” and order. 

Sunday night I decided to try it. I washed and dried my face, then prepared the mask (the set includes a lifting serum and a gelling pack, which need to be combined immediately prior to use). Although it didn’t look like a lot of product, there was easily enough for a generous layer to my face and neck. The directions state to leave the mask sit for 30 minutes, but you can intensify the effects by fanning your face. I stood in front of a fan for the first and last 5 minutes. 

Let’s be clear about something- I am not a stranger to masks, peels, etc. I am fully accustomed to the feeling of a drying clay mask on my face. This was nothing like that. It felt like someone was trying to shrink wrap my face and neck. I couldn’t smile. I could barely even close my eyes all the way. While I didn’t look significantly aged (as some people said they saw with the mask on), I wouldn’t consider this one of my best looks:

I will say that I was impressed at how easily the mask rinsed off. My face was pretty red immediately afterwards, but that’s a standard reaction for me. 

The next morning, I anxiously ran to the mirror to check out my reflection. A number of reviews indicated that the next morning was really when results were noticeable. I’ll be honest, I didn’t see a huge difference. Maybe my skin appeared slightly tightened, but I can’t say that I was blown away by what I saw.

I went back to scrutinize the before and after pics people were posting to the @hanacureeffect Instagram page. There are people who saw amazing results. My personal theory (and I have no evidence to back this up aside from my own observations) is that the more help your skin needs, the more of a difference this mask can make, particularly for sagging skin. However, there is absolutely no mask out there that can compensate for not taking care of your skin the rest of the time. And if you have a good routine in place, your skin probably isn’t going to visibly improve enough to justify the price. It’s a maddening Catch-22 of sorts. 

Bottom line: if price isn’t a deterrent, it was kind of a fun mask to try, but final results are probably very dependent on your specific skin issues. Mask can be purchased at, and it retails for $29 for a single use kit or $110 for a set of 4. I agree with other reviews I read that said there’s enough to split with someone else, so that could be an option to make this more cost effective (you and your friend would need to get together and do the mask at the same time, as the mixed product will not keep). 

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